Les actifs essentiels de votre santé

Our history

Laboratoire Jaldes was created in 1991, in the heart of the Ardèche region of France. The founders, passionate about oils and fatty acids and convinced of their benefits for the skin, including when taken orally, formulated a range of natural nutritional supplements with a focus on the skin, which - thanks to their quality and efficacy - would come to be recommended by doctors and pharmacists. 

The first product developed by Laboratoire Jaldes was ELTEANS, a natural food supplement specially formulated to combat dryness of the skin. For 25 years, ELTEANS has been the leading product recommended by doctors for the treatment of dry skin.

Faced with the growing success of ELTEANS among the medical profession, Laboratoire Jaldes widened its range over the years, always with the goal of offering natural, original and relevant solutions to doctors and their patients. 

Today, Laboratoire Jaldes has succeeded in establishing itself as a major player in nutritional supplements, especially among dermatologists, general practitioners with an interest in natural medicine, and gynaecologists.

The TRIMAN logo indicates that all Laboratoire Jaldes products comply with Decree 2014-1577 of 23 December 2014 concerning the common marking of recyclable products subject to waste-sorting.